I don’t understand you!

A refugee aid worker and a member of the right wing party AfD: Elvira Ploß and Heiko Müller live in Dresden and are both critical contemporaries. However, they have drawn completely different conclusions from their life experiences. What happens when they meet?

Heiko Müller joins the so-called “Mondaywalks” of the “Patriotic Europeans against the Islamization of the Occident” (Pegida) in 2015. The 53-year-old is convinced that in accordance with laws many refugees should have never been allowed to enter Germany. He feels not being taken seriously by politicians. He wants more direct democracy to break up the encrusted political structures established by the old parties. He becomes a member of the AfD in 2016 because he believes that parliamentary work is the only way to stop the floods of refugees, fight radical Islam and save democracy.

Elvira Ploß becomes the manager of an accommodation for refugees in 2015. It is her contribution to an open arms attitude, which she often misses in her hometown, and which she fights for at open councils that take place in the church “Kreuzkirche”.

She prefers personal contact. In her accommodation she friendly but firmly faces 40 men from a dozen countries. She explains that they have to learn German and that they have to follow certain rules. She helps them with shopping and sees to it that they cook their own food. She helps them clearing the first hurdles. They accept that she, as a woman, is in charge.