The Leipzig Stasi Headquarters

GDR Relic in the best city location

Hardly any other place stands for Leipzig’s eventful city history as much as the former Matthäikirchhof. For three decades, the area has been dormant. At the same time, it is the last place in Leipzig’s city center, which has not been redeveloped or rebuilt and whose future is still open.

It is the question of the future of the heart of the city – as the Lord Mayor Burkhard Jung emphasizes. This area of two hectares lies right in the heart of Leipzig. Very close to the intersection of Via Regia and Via Imperii, the most important trade routes of the Middle Ages, “urbs lipzi” was founded. Today, the area is commonly known as Leipzig’s former Stasi headquarters or as Matthäikirchhof, but that is also only one part of the story …

The documentary from the series “The East – Discover where You Live” looks back at the turbulent history of the area. With the help of people who did research on that place, it discovers secrets and unknown things. And it takes a specific look at what will be emerge here one day as a beacon and a flagship for Leipzig.