Nordstream 2


Premiere broadcast January 10th, 21:45 ARTE

The story around the Nord Stream 2 Baltic Sea pipeline is one of years of strife in the EU, economic greed, political failure and collective ousting of the West. The film sheds light on important actors around Nord Stream 2, their networks and ways of working.

For years, laws and regulations were influenced in the backrooms of Europe and pacts were made bypassing the public and neglecting security policy aspects. The cancellation of Nord Stream 2 represents a turning point – and not just in the energy business. It represents a new Cold War in which government leaders like Putin, Biden, and Macron are on the front lines. The dramatic economic, environmental, and geopolitical consequences of the pipeline failure and the gas war that Russia initiated after its attack on Ukraine are now becoming apparent.

More than a year after the completion of Nord Stream 2 and the start of the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine, the Baltic Sea pipeline is the symbol of an energy and geopolitical turning point. Who will be the winner and who the loser in the war for gas? Will Putin’s gas war and the exploding prices destroy the economic and political stability of Europe? 

Link to the film at arte Mediathek