Balancing act – artists in crisis

Stanislav Vysotskyi is a juggler with heart and soul. Actually, the 37-year-old Ukrainian, who lives in Berlin, was supposed to perform together with 12 other artists in the current autumn show of the Krystallpalast Varieté in Leipzig. But on the day of the premiere, the news of the upcoming second lockdown reached them. “A rollercoaster of emotions,” says Stanislav. After only a few shows, the performances were over. Now they are waiting for things to happen, hoping that the performances can continue soon. The Krystallpalast Varieté supports its artists to the best of its ability. They are provided with accommodations free of charge and can also train here to stay fit for the time when the show continues. In this way, an international community of artists has formed who try to give each other strength. They feel abandoned by politics. There has been no financial compensation for solo self-employed artists from the cultural scene, and at the same time, many of them have not been able to work since March 2020 and therefore have not been able to earn any money. They are now very worried about their future.