Production: Completed / Completion: 2016

It is the oldest German prison in use, and it is located right in the center of the Saxonian town: the prison of Waldheim. Mockers say: it is its center. The site with its own church and several…

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Production: Completed / Completion: 2015

„We won’t come with Kalashnikovs, we will come with money.“ This quote from the Russian president Vladimir Putin is more than a pretty bon mot. Russian investors have invested billions in London, state-owned enterprises and oligarchs have put…

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Production: Completed / Completion: 2015

The documentary “Who helps me to die?” for the ARD touches sensitive issues: Is it acceptable to want to die? Is active euthanasia – under certain circumstances – justifiable? The film accompanies people during the last months of…

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Production: Completed / Completion: 2015

When cleaning up their family’s garden house Jörg Philipp and Detlef Mattis discover a securely closed box with personal documents of their grandfather Julius Schimann, whom they’ve never met personally. Amongst the many pictures they find some which…

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Production: Completed / Completion: 2015

He has ranked as one of the best and most active German actors for decades. Be it on stage, in films or on TV. Rolf Becker’s voice, his posture and his gentleness are unique. In 2015 he will…

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